Unboxing Sony Playstation 5 - PS5 er utrolig!

12. nov.. 2020
31 816 Ganger

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo tester Playstation 5 for første gang! PS5 review.
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Johannes Høsflot Klæbo er en 23 år gammel skiløper fra Trondheim. På denne kanalen lager han ukentlige vlogger sammen med sin lillebror Ola Høsflot Klæbo

  • Det fins laderstasjon på ps4

    Helene OttosenHelene Ottosen23 timer siden
  • NICE! Jeg laga en video til den nye xboxen 😎

    Rafulv - NORSK GAMINGRafulv - NORSK GAMING26 dager siden
  • Blir det en ps6

    Nebern YoutuberNebern YoutuberMåned siden
  • Jeg faktisk har den ps5

    Nebern YoutuberNebern YoutuberMåned siden
  • Noen som vet når ps5 kommer til Norge? (Når den er på lager)

    RHUNCHORHUNCHO2 måneder siden
  • skal du satse på ps5 isteden for ski nå ?

    Christoffer Wei RøedChristoffer Wei Røed3 måneder siden
  • Pils

    Aron pro 3Aron pro 33 måneder siden
  • Kan du Unboxnig Xbox serier x eller s

    Aron pro 3Aron pro 33 måneder siden
    • I think it is not necessary because sony better than xbox.

      Alex lennbdbsdAlex lennbdbsd3 måneder siden
  • Jeg kommer aldri til og kunne kjøpe en son

    noob norsknoob norsk3 måneder siden
  • Har headsetet Mikrofon?

    Sebastian GiljeSebastian Gilje3 måneder siden
    • Yes! Innebygd!

      ZT4R ツZT4R ツ18 dager siden
  • Grattis med vinn på beito-sprinten

    Henriks hjørneHenriks hjørne3 måneder siden
  • skjønner ikke hvorfro sony vleger å gi alle influecere gratis ps5. kankskje ikke gratis for alle. men så å si alle influencere over 10 følgere får en. som vil si at de som kjøper sivilt ikke får. nice one denne går til sony

    The guy who knows a guyThe guy who knows a guy3 måneder siden
  • Kan du teste den nye xbox en

    hanshans3 måneder siden
  • Er stjerna død?

    Christen HansenChristen Hansen3 måneder siden
  • Kult pappa skal prøve

    Nicolai MomyrNicolai Momyr3 måneder siden
  • Abonner på kanalen min på vegne av puluaivo yt

    Puluaivo YTPuluaivo YT3 måneder siden
  • OMG 😮

    Владимир АпухтинВладимир Апухтин3 måneder siden
  • stream?

    Anders NordbøAnders Nordbø3 måneder siden
  • Jo fler ganger jeg ser denne reklamen, jo mer overbevist er jeg på at xbox er bedre

    Jonatan NilsenJonatan Nilsen3 måneder siden
  • Rått! Warzone en dag? 🤠🤘🏼

    Marcus ValeurMarcus Valeur3 måneder siden
  • Xbox bedre

    Thomas BerntsenThomas Berntsen3 måneder siden
  • heeeeeldig

    Jonas HickenJonas Hicken3 måneder siden
  • JHK Tech Tips. JHK Drop Tips. :D

    Heikki LeikkonenHeikki Leikkonen3 måneder siden
  • je ne parle pas norge...

    Situation3000Situation30003 måneder siden
  • С уважением от русского фаната

    хуан матусхуан матус3 måneder siden
    • Хай

      хуан матусхуан матус3 måneder siden
    • @Danil Dimshakov привет

      хуан матусхуан матус3 måneder siden
    • +

      Danil DimshakovDanil Dimshakov3 måneder siden
  • Opening music in John Williams' style, I love it !

    Raphaël BorgRaphaël Borg3 måneder siden
  • hvor mye koster den

    FluffyFluffy3 måneder siden
    • 4000 tusen for den uten disk drive 5000 for den med disk drive

      DJ KeemstarDJ Keemstar3 måneder siden
  • Ждем стримов!😍

    Flash5790Flash57903 måneder siden
  • Hva er favoritt spillet ditt?

    Lucas NordbøLucas Nordbø3 måneder siden
  • That small monitor and no chair hurt me.

    eda cascianieda casciani3 måneder siden
  • Heldig❤️❤️❤️🎮

    William ReiertsenWilliam Reiertsen3 måneder siden
  • Kuuuult

    William Hagen VoytovichWilliam Hagen Voytovich3 måneder siden
  • Det nye studioet tatt i bruk, ser det ut til. Imponerende resultat. Helproff video. Hadde jeg vært Sony hadde jeg kjøpt den og spilt den i butikkene.

    Tvjunkieful12Tvjunkieful123 måneder siden
  • You looks like a model .... and at the same time like a professional review man! :)

    Anastasi AAnastasi A3 måneder siden
    • welcome to norway shorty! where men look like some straight up cuchikillas and my man johannes is no pleb forsure lmaoo

      ArlindBlazeArlindBlaze3 måneder siden
  • Ta en fifa video

    KebabKebab3 måneder siden
    • @Vilmer Nordlund fortnite er ræv

      StfunoahStfunoah3 måneder siden
    • Og fifa også

      DJ KeemstarDJ Keemstar3 måneder siden
    • Fortnite er trash

      DJ KeemstarDJ Keemstar3 måneder siden
    • Nej fortnite video

      Vilmer NordlundVilmer Nordlund3 måneder siden
  • We are gifted with 2 episodes this week. Yey🥳

    David HelmDavid Helm3 måneder siden
  • Hei unger, en genuin video fra og hilsen stjerna

    Fredrik OlsenFredrik Olsen3 måneder siden
  • Pathetic kid. You should be example of maturity not childness. Shame on you.

    Joe McCohnJoe McCohn3 måneder siden
    • Why so toxic? You are the pathetic one

      Ziska_BlyatZiska_Blyat3 måneder siden
    • No one cares Joe McChon

      SeayaSeaya3 måneder siden
    • For your information he is not obligated to be anything but himself. He already has more Olympic and World Championships gold medals, and World Cup trophies than most other athletes achieve over an entire career. If he as relaxation between training and other commitments enjoy gaming, what is the problem with that? Gaming not only improves concentration and motoric skills, it also provides an insight into the digital world. Some of the solutions and terms on new gaming consoles will not unlikely be found in anything from televisions to cars in the future. And people like you will need careful explanations to learn how to use it properly - but those with gaming experiences probably will now as much, if not more, than the sales staff at the electronic store, or car sales person. I am honestly shocked someone can be as ignorant as you present yourself here, but yet be as condemning about something it is fairly obvious you don't have clue about. Cause if you had, you would have known that gaming, for a 24 year old world class professional athlete is NOT harmful, bad or a waste of time. I would even go so far and claim that anyone who enjoys gaming of this type will have huge benefits from it. Either because of the factors already mentioned, but also from socialization with others (social skills, interaction and Communications training), and improved self-confidence and the feeling of mastering and success. Take as an example someone autistic or with aspberger syndrom, who through gaming can interact and communicate with other people all over the world without being judged by anything other than his/her score and skills as a player. Or a kid who is a huge fan of Johannes, but not with a hope in hell to achieve the same success as a cross country skier, but because Johannes loves gaming, feels to have something in common with him. When you write a comment like you did, it is not Johannes who is effected negatively. A multiple Olympic and World Champion World Cup winner athlete and millioneer probably feels more secure in himself than most of us. It is those other groups I mentioned, who have gaming as their own free zone, the one area where they feel themselves equal to others, where they excell, and can use the confidence and social skills gaming acquire them to succeed also on other platforms in life. Those are the ones you cause harm with this type of ignorant nonsense, suggesting gaming to be something bad or shameful. Everything is dangerous if there is too much of it. But gaming is not a dangerous or harmful passtime, provided it is being done in moderation and doesn't effect other aspects of life in a negative way. For people who otherwise train and exercise as much as Johannes, I will even claim that gaming is more healthy than going for a walk. If he reads a book, watch telly or NOworld, game or make Christmas decorations inbetween of his daily training periods is of little importance, as long as his body gets rest, and his head something else to occupy it, other than his professional life. Training and exercise can be just as addictive as gaming. Those who do too much of something, whether it is gaming, training, work, or alcohol for that matter, do so for a reason. It is the reason that is the problem, not the activity in itself, but the fact they are compelled to do too much of it for some reason. The problem is in the brain. People who do so much gaming that it is harmful for them (effect school or work, cost them friends or even effect their diet or sleep pattern), the out of control gaming is a symptom - not a cause. Had everything been okay, they would have had better control over their life, including the gaming. Whether the reward feeling are chemically induced (narcotics and alcohol) or more of a psychological nature (gambling, gaming, training, sex/porn, collecting and more) it is that feeling of pleasure and success an addictive personality is looking to experience again and again. Because he/she doesn't get it from anywhere else, they seek it where they last found it, and that is what addiction is. Trust me, a multiple Olympic and World Champion millioneer with a NOworld vlog channel with more than 100 000 subscribers, and all the rest, does not need gaming to boost his confidence. He get that feeling from every successful training, and many times over from his many wins and positive feedback. And by being honest about what he likes he is also being a great role model for the younger generations. Both because he is honest, but also because he is brave enough to be himself without self-censoring his image, but dare to be himself. The latter is a very important example to set for youths and kids, and the first isn't too bad either.

      Tvjunkieful12Tvjunkieful123 måneder siden
    • What do you hope to achieve John McCohn? Do yourself and everyone else a favour, take a step back and relax. Think happy thoughts. 🙃

      garctingarctin3 måneder siden
    • Pathetic person

      Pål AlmerudPål Almerud3 måneder siden
  • English subtitles left the chat...🙁

    Stanisław GorzelanyStanisław Gorzelany3 måneder siden
    • @Ole Tetlie At the time when he posted video there were no subtitles the were added later 😊

      Stanisław GorzelanyStanisław Gorzelany2 måneder siden
    • What do you mean?

      Ole TetlieOle Tetlie3 måneder siden
  • Ikke game alt for my å bli helt feitivers da

    Endre NielsenEndre Nielsen3 måneder siden
  • Blir ikke mer ski nu

    Nikolai NilsenNikolai Nilsen3 måneder siden
  • fin liten bemerkning at det er reklame

    Jonas fra KristiansundJonas fra Kristiansund3 måneder siden
  • Blir d gaming Channel?

    fritternfrittern3 måneder siden
  • 👍👍👍

    Виктория ВайцеховскаяВиктория Вайцеховская3 måneder siden
  • Nå blir det fortnite

    HGS HåvardHGS Håvard3 måneder siden
    • @HGS Håvard 15

      DJ KeemstarDJ Keemstar3 måneder siden
    • @DJ Keemstar omg, hvor gammel er du egentlig?

      HGS HåvardHGS Håvard3 måneder siden
    • @HGS Håvard Noob? Sier han som spiller fortnite på grunn av at han ikke klare og spille onklig skytte spill

      DJ KeemstarDJ Keemstar3 måneder siden
    • @DJ Keemstar bare stopp noob

      HGS HåvardHGS Håvard3 måneder siden
    • @HGS Håvard Og du ber meg om og stoppe også sender du meg den emojien lol hykler

      DJ KeemstarDJ Keemstar3 måneder siden
  • Du e heldig at du har ps5🔥🔥

    EOHolis _EOHolis _3 måneder siden
    • Enig

      Aron pro 3Aron pro 33 måneder siden
  • Omg

    SkyGhostSkyGhost3 måneder siden
    • Æsj Fortnite pfp

      DJ KeemstarDJ Keemstar3 måneder siden
  • Fyst

    Eirik AasheimEirik Aasheim3 måneder siden
    • Nope

      HGS HåvardHGS Håvard3 måneder siden