Discussing the upcoming season with my grandpa | Vlog 43⁴

2. nov.. 2020
24 238 Ganger

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, what happens in the upcoming season?
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Johannes Høsflot Klæbo er en 23 år gammel skiløper fra Trondheim. På denne kanalen lager han ukentlige vlogger sammen med sin lillebror Ola Høsflot Klæbo

  • Herlig! Lun og god samtale :-)

    NordbohusNordbohus2 måneder siden
  • Успехов тебе, мне нравится как ты готовишься.

    Тренер лыжные гонкиТренер лыжные гонки4 måneder siden
  • Loved the training discussion!👍

    Garth FoxGarth Fox4 måneder siden
  • Alltid like gøy å se på videoene dine! Gleder meg til sesongstarten i Kuusamo😊

    Jaana RaskJaana Rask4 måneder siden
  • Johannes планируешь ли сделать прививку от COVID-19, для здоровья?

    Виктор ГригорьевВиктор Григорьев4 måneder siden
  • Ничего не понятно, но очень интересно.

    svoboda79svoboda794 måneder siden
  • Another excellent vlog. Loved the segment with you sitting with your grandfather and discussing the season!

    DAGDAG4 måneder siden
  • Lang vlogg i dag - ypperlig adspredelse fra USA valget. Selv om jeg tror Biden og Demokratene kommer til å gjøre et brakvalg, slipper ikke nervøsiteten før det hele er over. Så det å kunne slippe de tankene for et øyeblikk, gjorde meg godt. Alt det andre i feeden min i dag handler om USA valget, så dette var en kjærkommen adspredelse fra det som forhåpentligvis blir begynnelsen på slutten av Trumps president periode. Så gjenstår det å se om han går av, eller ikke - om han taper valget. Aldri har det vært et valg som passer betegnelse thriller mer enn dette.

    Tvjunkieful12Tvjunkieful124 måneder siden
  • I look forward to a new season. I hope it will be a better season than it looks now and there won't be any cancelled races and definitely the most important thing is that everybody will stay healthy, which is my biggest wish. I cross my fingers crossed for you.

    AgathaAgatha4 måneder siden
  • I learn Norsk little bit of those videos, thanks

    Qunaalius JensenQunaalius Jensen4 måneder siden
  • Norge is 🤍🤍☁️🌲 plssssss give grandpa a day off🙏😢😢, he wants to watch TV so much🙏😢😢😞😞🤣🤣😄📺📺🙏!

    Anna ArbuzovaAnna Arbuzova4 måneder siden
  • Goals are designated successes and victories☺🎿🏆

    Gulya FlowerGulya Flower4 måneder siden
  • Why not do your commentary in English ? Good practice for you and better for your fans around the world !

    steveebsteveeb4 måneder siden
  • Planning to peak for World's is going to be difficult when you don't know if it will happen. Put all that stress on your body is hard, only to have it called off. Athletes only have so many "bullets in the chamber", so to speak. Once you start training to peak, you can't stop and start it again. I feel for you Johannes.

    Ron TRon T4 måneder siden
  • The life is beautiful )). Thank you for these great landscapes and new kind vlog, Johannes. Good health to you and your family .

    Ольга ДенисоваОльга Денисова4 måneder siden
  • You should write an e-Book (pdf?) or a real book „how to train in xc“ - i would buy it. a xc-bible by grandpa and his grandson! 👍

    Fester BlackowlFester Blackowl4 måneder siden
    • Can't give that away. That is the Norwegian's "secret sauce".

      Ron TRon T4 måneder siden
  • I can’t wait for the season to start but you guys have to be very careful out there 😬 especially grandpa 🙏🏼

    Natalie NatalieNatalie Natalie4 måneder siden
    • Unless he has any underlying conditions he likely would not become seriously ill from COVID-19. He is not in his 80`s yet, and that group is the one most in risk, of those without underlying conditions. Heart and cardiovascular conditions, Alzheimer, diabetes and lung conditions are the most risky underlying conditions. More so than even cancer, which is kind of surprising since cancer patients in treatment often have significantly reduced immune system from chemo therapy. In fact obesity seems a more serious threat than having cancer. So far it appears the Corona virus in question gives mild to no symptoms if only present in the throat or nose. The more serious cases arise when it gets into the lungs and when it cloths the blood (leading to anything from strokes and sudden death, to amputations - but luckily these are rare cases, complications related to lungs and breathing are far more common, but can also be just as serious in relation to death or serious after effects. Fatigue being the most common of those. It is a theory of mine - only a theory - that the reason obesity is more serious as a risk factor than cancer, could be because obese people being heavier having to breathe more to get the oxygen they need to move and live. The same also often being the case with elderly people, while children use energy while they feel energetic, and when they feel tired rest - and therefore are less in risk of the heaving breathing which I suspect could be the reason so many elderly and obese are more at risk of serious illness from COVID-19 than younger people. Since the elderly and obese often forces themselves up the stairs or the hill, instead of resting and waiting until they can do the task with more ease, and as a consequence of this breathe so heavily more of the virus ends up in their lungs, than if they had been breathing more normally and easily. It is also noteworthy that the latter mutations of the Coronavirus have more protein spikes than the original virus discovered in China, and therefore are better equipped to hold itself in place in the throat or nose (which seems to be where it prefers to be - probably because it is the best place in the body for it to infect new hosts. You see the Coronavirus don`t want to kill us, it just wants somewhere to live and multiply from - and for that our throats and noses are prime locations, lungs second best (needs coughs to spread to new hosts) and the cardio vascular system skids row (since the virus will be blocked in, with fewer opportunities to reach new hosts))). So generally speaking we can say the virus these days is a little bit less dangerous than what the world struggled with in the spring, but also more infectious than it was in the spring. Both because it now has more protein spikes, but also because there is more of the virus everywhere, so the chances to avoid it becomes fewer and fewer. Mask wearing (best protection there is - and likely also will be so after vaccinations has begun, since few vaccines are 100% effective), maintaining distance (at least 2 meters in the presence of people not wearing masks, since a cough easily can travel six feet, and the more virus a person is infected with at once, the more increases the risk of serious illness or even death, washing hands and surfaces (the latter is particularly important in areas with a high positivity rate (tested people who tests positive for the Coronavirus - the higher a percentage of the tested that test positive, the greater the risk of uncontrollable spread in that area - and the more important to take all the precautions from mask wearing, washing hands and surfaces, maintaining distance, having few contacts lasting longer than 15 mins, but also to change clothes after having been outside, and wash the areas that has not been covered by the clothes, whether face, hair, hands or whatever). Because the virus has better conditions in cold winter temperatures than in heat and sun, the risk of infection in the winter is significantly higher than it was in June-July when Europe opened up and started traveling again - which is the reason there has been a steady increase in cases from August, and most European countries - including Norway - likely will face the worse wave of infections we have had. and hopefully ever will have to face, in the weeks to come. Fingers crossed the restrictions imposed will be sufficient to prevent the steepest rise in cases. But unless travel bans are imposed, because the infection rate is so high around various countries and places in Europe now, individual countries will not be able to contain the virus purely with their own effort - unless they impose extremely strict travelling restrictions, both between countries and inside countries. Areas with high infection rates must not be allowed access, nor to be accessed by, areas with less, or no, rate of infection. Kåre, sitting in front of the television, is likely less in threat from COVID-19, than Johannes, travelling around the world and forced to be in areas with much people and traffic, like airports and hotels. Even the heavy breathing going races in the same tracks as near one hundred others, with coaches and more updating the skiers on times and places, providing them food and drink, I find worrying. The same track over and over. If one or more of the people present in or around those tracks should be infected, and there isn`t any wind to get rid of the infected exhaled breath from such an individual, the skiers passing the spot where an infected is standing could literally be skiing through a cloud of virus, or if a skier him/herself is infected, the skier behind that skier could literally be breathing in infected air every meter of the track. For the skiers it probably would have been to difficult, but I hope at least the coaches and more being around them wear masks at all time, especially when standing around the track where the skiers pass while breathing heavily. But ideally even the skiers should have worn masks on days without wind, even when going races. Or better still, on days without wind - races should have been cancelled.

      Tvjunkieful12Tvjunkieful124 måneder siden
  • As an Australian junior national team xc skier, I can totally relate to how much of a struggle it is going to be for races and training this coming season. There is an extremely high chance we can't even come and race at all! I hope you manage to stay motivated and work through anything that happens, and I wish you all the best.

    Bentley Walker-BrooseBentley Walker-Broose4 måneder siden
  • Du må huske refleks når du er ute i mørket.

    DJPanda RemixDJPanda Remix4 måneder siden
  • Du er min favoritt

    Julie BirkelandJulie Birkeland4 måneder siden
  • 👍👍👍💖

    Виктория ВайцеховскаяВиктория Вайцеховская4 måneder siden
  • Kommer du til å selge flere hufs hettegensere? Hvis ja når. For har stått utsolgt veldig lenge nå.

    Superhenny11Superhenny114 måneder siden
  • Du har vært mitt forbilde kjempelenge Johannes!! jeg elsker dine vlogs og ar du går på SKI!!!! Elsker å komme hjem fra Rulleski økt å se på dine vlogs!!!!!❄️❄️❄️🔥🔥🔥

    KG WizardKG Wizard4 måneder siden
  • Bulshonov: Uten skirenn denne vinteren legger jeg opp!!! Klæbo: YES verdenscupen i boks og VM og OL i lomma YES

    KG WizardKG Wizard4 måneder siden
  • awesome vlog 💕💕

    Zafs Simple GardenZafs Simple Garden4 måneder siden
  • I think your relationship with Morfar is one of my favorite things about you. Thank you for having him join you and for discussing the upcoming season. It can’t be easy to plan for all the possibilities but I am sure you and Morfar have done just that. I hope we get to see you race in as many races as possible. Thank you also for opening the birthday album in the VLOG! Caroline worked for months on that and it was definitely a worldwide contribution. We love you Johannes, we are all HUGE fans!!

    Lisa CostelloLisa Costello4 måneder siden
    • Yess!!!!

      Skiing FanSkiing Fan4 måneder siden
    • If only he knew the hours each day And months 😂😘

      caroline solinskicaroline solinski4 måneder siden
  • Du blir uovervinnelig til sesongen😊

    MAGGIMAGGI4 måneder siden
  • Hi Johannes. I wish you in the upcoming season to achieve good shape,before World Championships.

    zigmars kleinszigmars kleins4 måneder siden
  • Yes er så glad for at du likte boken og pakken . Det tok tid men det var gøy og ikke minst veldig vært det om det kan gjøre deg glad er det en glede å gjøre det . Takk for en fin vlogg . Håper du kan kose deg med boken ❤️😊

    caroline solinskicaroline solinski4 måneder siden
  • Bolshonov har ikke sjanse mot deg blir for lett denne sesongen

    Marius moeMarius moe4 måneder siden
  • halla johoannes

    Storm SandsbakkStorm Sandsbakk4 måneder siden
  • First

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    • С этим я бы поспорил (Hello from Russia)

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