Christmas all by myself... | Vlog 51⁴

28. des.. 2020
52 464 Ganger

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, celebrating christmas alone
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Johannes Høsflot Klæbo er en 23 år gammel skiløper fra Trondheim. På denne kanalen lager han ukentlige vlogger sammen med sin lillebror Ola Høsflot Klæbo

  • Du er flink på ski

    Ole Christian JensenOle Christian Jensen9 dager siden
  • what kind of food or products on 12-42? i see and know only broccoli. What the other?

    Денис КирпичевДенис Кирпичев2 måneder siden
  • Når Kommer nested vlogg

    HilstadTore 003HilstadTore 0032 måneder siden
  • Venta, hvor var det du feira? Hytta eller hjemme?

    henny Beenhenny Been2 måneder siden
    • Julaften feiret han hjemme hos seg selv, så dro dem på hytta.

      hypphypphypphypp2 måneder siden
  • Здравствуйте ЭХАН приезжай к нам в гости В РОССИЮ у нас в стране много твоих любителей

    Елдо РадоЕлдо Радо2 måneder siden
  • Ventaa, kom Stjerna noen gang tilbake?????

    Hanna HågensenHanna Hågensen2 måneder siden
  • Видео:английское Некоторые комменты:русские

    tserbertserber2 måneder siden
  • God nytt år Johannes🥳🥳🎅🏻🎅🏻

    Mrd ClanMrd Clan2 måneder siden
  • Is it possible to have a copy of your grandma’s bread recipe? Many thanks.

    elle macelle mac2 måneder siden
  • Var det gøy på rindalsrennet? Hehe

    SforMayorSforMayor2 måneder siden
  • Johannes, I am congratulate you with Merry Christmas

    Артем ЗенченкоАртем Зенченко2 måneder siden
  • Johannes du sir så hele tiden

    Ola HøegOla Høeg2 måneder siden
  • Your vlog is so inspiring and awesome. It's exiting to see what's behind the cross-country skiing scene. Jeg elsker deg! ❤❤❤❤ 🇫🇮❤🇧🇻 Btw Ola I LOVE your music. Stranger is my favourite song rn! ❤❤

    littlemylittlemy2 måneder siden
  • Underbar vlogg! Keep up going!

    Vilmer NordlundVilmer Nordlund2 måneder siden
  • С Рождеством!!! Ждём тебя на соревнованиях!!!

    Александр ИвановАлександр Иванов2 måneder siden
  • Don’t end the vlog!

    magnus vonKrusenstiernmagnus vonKrusenstiern2 måneder siden
  • иди в балет, там хоть травму не получишь

    Angry TimAngry Tim2 måneder siden
    • Bålæt

      Abdulgaziz AbdulgazizovAbdulgaziz Abdulgazizov2 måneder siden
  • Lutefiske?!!! Yikes! You like to eat old jellied fish?

    Ron TRon T2 måneder siden
    • Lutefisk, mmm, deilig!

      hypphypphypphypp2 måneder siden
  • Eyyyy Røros julebrus denj e go å je e der i fra

    JIRRZJIRRZ2 måneder siden
    • Ne Grans jule brus er best

      Mář çųş 7777Mář çųş 77772 måneder siden
  • Ikke stopp❤️❤️

    ØrjanØrjan2 måneder siden
  • Bolshunov the best!!! 🎉👍🔥😎

    Dmitry OrlovDmitry Orlov2 måneder siden
  • Where was Pernille?

    Michael LamMichael Lam2 måneder siden
  • Herlig vlog! Stå på med treninga.

    Nikolai ThøgersenNikolai Thøgersen2 måneder siden
  • Hi Johannes. Happy New Year! I hope to see you next year at competitions and wish you new victories,good health,happiness and fortune.Take a rest more than ever. You have to be in a good shape before competitions.May your dreams come true

    zigmars kleinszigmars kleins2 måneder siden
  • 🎄🎄🎄👍

    Sas kiaSas kia2 måneder siden
  • It would be very nice, if you could continue with the vlog! It is so nice to see behind the scenes of a pro Sportler and you are such an Idol for many fans!❤️ Of course, do it only if you have joy by doing it! 👑

    Jascha BurriJascha Burri2 måneder siden
  • Hello Johannes, Merry Christmas and Happy New year. It is very sad, that you will not participate in Tour de Ski. But I can give a smart advise - take your money and put it on Bolshunov overall Tour de Ski victory. So 10 January you will earn money

    Никита ТимошковНикита Тимошков2 måneder siden
  • Happy New 2021 Year for you and you family,friends,Johannes!Good luck,pozitive,new victories!🎉🎄❄💪🎿You are the best for me!

    Gulya FlowerGulya Flower2 måneder siden
  • This guy really asked his family to test🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️, bro if they don't have any symptoms they are negative.

    steadlersteadler2 måneder siden
    • @hypphypp Just by saying what you are saying here, you are spreading fear, potentially creating doubt within anxious people the vaccine should contain something dodgy - despite obviously not having a clue what you are talking about. This is the biggest and most up to date vaccination operations the world has ever seen. Millions of people already have been given at least the first dose of one of the vaccines, more and more - including world leaders have had their second shot. If you don`t want to take the vaccine, that is your choice. But don`t spread nonsense about the vaccines being a potential threat of some sort, cause they are our only way out of the pandemic, since so many people are reluctant to even wear a mask. And by doing so not only expose themselves to larger volumes of Coronavirus, than if they had worn a mask, should they be exposed to the virus - and the more of the Coronavirus someone is being exposed to at once (direct hit from a sneeze) or over time (sitting close to someone with the infection, and steadily breathing in the virus they exhale), the greater the risk of serious disease or even death it is believed - they also, should they be asymptomatic (infected with the virus but not showing symptoms), expose other people to the virus, with the consequences this can have for anything from individual lives to local and world economy, people`s work places and livelihoods, the lack of opportunity for education and exercise and recreation, to mention a few. Those of us who not only wear masks everywhere except inside our own homes, and are willing to take the vaccine when it is offered, not only shield ourselves from being infected with large doses of the virus or become seriously ill from it, with the consequences that would have had for the hospitalization rate and maybe even the death rate, we also protect others from the same should we be asymptomatic, and that way helps to both denies the virus new hosts to spread to, which again will cause the virus to become extinct when enough people are vaccinated - or alternatively, if enough people had worn masks, reduced the number of personal contacts, maintained distance, and had washed hands and surfaces often. Had people obeyed those restrictions from the start, like in say Taiwan, the virus would have ran out of new hosts between 12 to 16 weeks. But because some people either are too selfish to have any consideration for others, or the world economy, students and children`s education, people jobs and businesses, and the opportunity for recreation, holidays and travel - maintaining wearing a mask is an infringement of their civil rights - we are where we are. More than a million deaths world wide directly from COVID-19 (God only knows how many surplus deaths from people either not daring to a see a doctor, or not being able to have treatment for lack of resources, because of the virus), economies in recession, the privilege of travelling or even visiting friends and family severely restricted for people the world over. New mutations much more transmittable than the original virus, causing a faster spread, more hospitalization and deaths (even if the disease itself isn`t more severe, the fact it spreads faster exposes more people to it, a certain percentage of those again are in the risk group - and the result is increased hospitalization and deaths). To prevent this more and more cities and countries are forced into severe lockdowns and strict travelling restrictions. All of which could have been avoided had EVERYONE not physically incapable (mostly babies and toddlers) just worn a mask everywhere they went. But now we have a second chance of beating the virus, and that chance is the vaccines - provided enough people take it. And because of the new more transmittable mutations, that number could be as high as between 80-90% of the population world wide. Fat chance, frankly, so now we likely will have to learn to live with this virus until a mutation which has evolved into not only be highly transmittable (cause the most transmittable mutations always will become the most common one over time), but also so mild in symptoms that it will not kill people of old age, or with underlying symptoms. But that will not happen over night. Before the virus have mutated into a variant not more dangerous than the common cold, could be years, if not decades from now. There is also a risk new mutations could evolve that is not only more transmittable, but more deadly, or immune to vaccination or the treatments developed by that time. Therefore people like you, who don`t wont to take the vaccine, expose yourselves to a high personal risk, and also delays the fight against the virus on a world wide scale. Do you really think you have the moral right to do so? Isn`t it your duty, just as a soldier fighting for his/her country, to stand up and try to shield the most vulnerable in society from this threat, whether that imposes some restrictions on your freedom, or demand a little bit of sacrifice? The computer (or mobile) you wrote your reply on exposes you to a far higher degree of risk than the vaccines do. From cookies spying on your activities and contacts, to fake news which I suspect you must have been exposed to, claiming the vaccine to be a potential threat without any scientific reasoning for it whatsoever. I tell you, we know more about what is in the vaccines, than we do about what is in a bottle of Coca Cola. I am not claiming Coca Cola to be a harmful product (more than the equivalents), but a lot of people die every year, from heart attacks to dementia, just from drinking too much Coke (or Pepsi and more) over a longer period of time. Around 1200 people a year dies from side effects and combinations with other drugs or conditions from ordinary paracetamol. Yet it is one of the safest and most effective pain killers there is for mild and moderate pain. I`ll tell you, if you are so skeptical towards the vaccine because you fear it represents a threat to you, despite all the people worldwide having had it by now, the massive testing before the various vaccines were launched and the severe threat from the actual virus and the disease, you really should buy yourself a lottery ticket, cause there is a greater chance you will win the top prize there, than be harmed in any way (other than a sore arm, maybe a slight fever, or other mild symptoms for a few days) from taking the vaccine.

      Tvjunkieful12Tvjunkieful12Måned siden
    • @Tvjunkieful12 I do not try to spread any fear, you can live as you want! I'm just saying I'll never take a shot at the state. But if you are ready to pull something you do not know what is into your blood vessels, good luck!

      hypphypphypphyppMåned siden
    • @hypphypp Don`t be stupid! Sorry for being blunt. But if you don`t want to take the vaccine for a disease without a proper cure, that kills people, ruins the world economy and restrict movement and social interaction for responsible people, when are you going to take a vaccine? The more virus being spread, not only the more people will die or become seriously ill, but the greater chances of further mutations, resulting in a virus that could be both more infectious as well as more dangerous. The virus strive to survive, just like every other creature. Therefore killing people is not it`s primary target - but more a result of poor quality, from the virus` point of view, hosts (older people, or people with underlying physical conditions, who can die from COVID-19). If the host dies, the virus cannot be transferred to as many new hosts as if the host is alive. So in the longer run the virus therefore likely will evolve to become both easier transmittable, and less dangerous. But before that happens a lot of deaths, chronically ill people, loss of jobs, income and more could become the result. So the more people who take a vaccine, the less chance anything from loss of life, serious illness, ruined economy to further mutations. Therefore EVERYONE should be grateful for a vaccine when it is their turn. Already this vaccine have been given to so many people of different ages, ethnic origin, type of underlying illnesses, and so on and so forth, most food products are less secure, because of anything from ecoli to severe allergic reactions. And you do eat, don`t you? So don`t post ill-informed nonsense that could make people unnecessary anxious about a vaccine that is much more likely to save their life, the world economy, and will allow us to travel and interact socially again, than cause them harm. You ar more likely to die of a burger bought in a shop or fast food restaurant, because it contains ecoli, than to die or get seriously ill from a COVID-19 vaccine. And the chances of getting ecoli from a burger is already pretty low - but not as low as the risk of being killed or become seriously ill from the COVID-19 vaccine. Factoring in both the nearly 40 000 the vaccine has been tested on, and all the people around the world who has been given it so far (more than 2 000 000 people just in the USA have had either the Pfizer/BionTech or the Moderna vaccines already - more than 70 000 people took part in testing for that vaccine, where half of them got the vaccine, and the other half the placebo). If you don`t want to take the vaccine because you fear it will cause you harm, I could list many activities and products which statistically is far more dangerous than taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Off course it is up o you whether you want to take it, or not. But don`t spread your fear to others without solid evidence you have reason to be worried. That is irresponsible.

      Tvjunkieful12Tvjunkieful122 måneder siden
    • @Tvjunkieful12 And take the vaccine when it is offered. " It's stupid, never gonna happen!

      hypphypphypphypp2 måneder siden
    • @Tvjunkieful12 👌🏽

      steadlersteadler2 måneder siden
  • Æ å går på ski! Å æ har renn den 5 juledag som e imårrå! Æ hi vonni dæm 2 andre rennan så håpe d går bra imårrå å💗du e mett idol!

    Linnea ØyesvoldLinnea Øyesvold2 måneder siden
    • Ps æ vant idag å❤️❤️

      Linnea ØyesvoldLinnea Øyesvold2 måneder siden
  • Kor e Pernille

    Gjermund Kandal TuftelandGjermund Kandal Tufteland2 måneder siden
  • Jeg elsker vloggen deres og masse inspirasjon, så pliiis ikke stopp å vlog?

    Peter Førde MoenPeter Førde Moen2 måneder siden
  • 👍👍👍❤❤❤

    Виктория ВайцеховскаяВиктория Вайцеховская2 måneder siden
  • dokke må fortsette å vloigge!

    Peter Førde MoenPeter Førde Moen2 måneder siden
  • plssss ikke stopp å blogge???!§!!!!

    Peter Førde MoenPeter Førde Moen2 måneder siden
  • С рождеством! Всех благ. Ждём на соревнованиях.

    V.V.B. 1V.V.B. 12 måneder siden
  • Hoppas du fick en bra julafton Johannes❤️ Supermysig vlogg!! God jul igen och gott nytt år🎉

    Olivia ÖhlundOlivia Öhlund2 måneder siden
    • what kind of food or products on 12-42? i see and know only broccoli. What the other?

      Денис КирпичевДенис Кирпичев2 måneder siden
  • Hej

    HejHej2 måneder siden
  • Hvor er dama di

    ollebolle 2018ollebolle 20182 måneder siden
    • @Peppa pig hun la ut bilde med han igår så nei det har de ikke

      caroline solinskicaroline solinski2 måneder siden
    • @Peppa pig fr?

      Ziska_BlyatZiska_Blyat2 måneder siden
    • De slo opp

      Peppa pigPeppa pig2 måneder siden
  • Возвращайтесь.С рождеством Вас!

  • God jul

    Bastain Ranvik fan pageBastain Ranvik fan page2 måneder siden
  • Yes til vloggen Fin vlogg enda en gang takk god jul og godt nyttår😍 . Håper på mer vlogg i det nye året ❤️🤞

    caroline solinskicaroline solinski2 måneder siden
  • First

    Zer0_SniksiZer0_Sniksi2 måneder siden
    • That's cool

      Chopsticks 32Chopsticks 322 måneder siden